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Although the space of the toilet is small, it is the boundary with the highest utilization rate. Convenience is a taboo term for people to go to the toilet. In fact, convenience is the theme of toilet decoration. Don't underestimate these small changes below, but it brings you great convenience

first, people who are used to washing their hair and bathing at night often mess their hair after sleeping, so many people choose to wash their hair in the morning. It's really troublesome to use the whole bathing equipment just for the sake of hair cleaning, so you might as well install a shower or a pull-out faucet on the basin, just like the treatment you enjoy in a barber shop

second, inlaying stainless steel sheets under the door frame can prevent moisture.

the door of the bathroom is often in a humid environment, and the lower part of the door frame will decay unconsciously. If inlaying stainless steel sheets under the door frame, it can prevent moisture. If the door has been damaged, the damaged part below can be sawed off, properly repaired, and then embedded with stainless steel sheets around the door frame, which can slow down or prevent the decay process of the whole door frame

third, make a hanging cabinet above the toilet

above the water tank of the toilet is the vacuum zone in the decoration of ordinary toilets. In fact, without affecting the toilet, we can use this space to make a hanging cabinet, which can be placed with toilet paper, towels, detergent, female hygiene products, etc

fourth, the crenels can be made into holes to put items

some toilets will have some more crenels that take up a lot of space out of thin air because of the pipes and ventilation. Although they can't be removed, they can completely turn waste into treasure. For example, make several concave holes of the same size on the crenels around the bathtub, so that the bath supplies have a hiding place. The same tiles as the surrounding walls are paved on the concave hole, which is not only beautiful, but also expands the storage space, and it is also very convenient to use




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