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Now in the fast-paced life of the city, many people have no time to take care of the finishing at home, and the cleaning steps after a delicious meal are also a headache. The emergence of dishwashers has brought good news to the "lazy" people. However, many people do not know much about this household appliance, which is not yet popular in China. Faced with the uneven brand quality of dishwashers in the market, people often hesitate about how to choose dishwashers. Next, Xiaobian will introduce several simple and practical ways to buy dishwashers

I. safety performance of dishwasher

because the dishwasher must be in contact with water when washing dishes, its safety must be considered. Select the appropriate type and specification to ensure that there is no leakage of insulation, and all function keys should be connected and disconnected freely

when connecting the AC power supply to start the dishwasher, its insulation performance is particularly important. It must ensure that there is no leakage of electricity and water. The water pump and motor operate smoothly, with small vibration and low noise. The buttons of various functions of the dishwasher can be connected and disconnected freely, with good contact. The water jet is uniform and powerful. The tableware should be clean after washing, and the power can be cut off automatically after operation. At the same time, when washing dishes, you must also ensure their safety to the dishes

II. Types and specifications of dishwashers

dishwashers can be washed in four ways: impeller type, jet type, rinsing type and ultrasonic type. The more common ones are impeller type and jet type, which have simple structure, good washing effect, low price and simple maintenance, and are suitable for ordinary families. In terms of specifications (usually expressed in terms of power consumption), ordinary families of 3-4 people can choose a dishwasher with 700-900 watts to meet daily use

III. installation method of dishwasher

in terms of installation method, dishwashers generally have two types: independent and embedded. It is recommended that you choose the dual-purpose model, which you can adjust according to different use conditions. The most important thing is that when embedded in the cabinet, the height of the dishwasher can not affect the comfort of the kitchen table operation, and the depth is not restricted by factors such as pipelines





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