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In geomantic omen, it is believed that the environment in which people live will have a great impact on their own fortunes, mainly because the geomantic aura in the environment has a certain impact on human destiny. Each person is born at a different time, and there will also be some differences in his/her fate. If there are things or layouts in his/her life that are mutually restrained, punished and harmed by his/her fate, it will inevitably have a certain adverse impact on his/her fate

how to decorate the house according to the five elements and eight trigrams? Indoor Feng Shui layout

therefore, in terms of indoor layout, we must make a reasonable layout according to the concept of five elements and eight trigrams, so as to prosper the host's fortune and make the household's fortune smooth

indoor Feng Shui layout that should be paid attention to in decoration

1. Indoor color: the color should be selected according to the fate of the owner as much as possible, such as red and orange for fire, yellow and gold for gold, black, blue and five for water. Therefore, in the selection of color, we must focus on strengthening the fate of the owner's innate five elements, the owner's five elements for fire should focus on orange and red, and the five elements for water should focus on black Blue is the main color. Only by strengthening the master's fate as much as possible can we make the master's fortune smooth

2. Indoor layout: different indoor furniture should be placed according to the eight trigrams, especially the relatively important furniture in the house, such as the sofa in the living room should be placed in the dry position, the TV should be in the Kun position, the Mingtang should be in the off position, etc. The purpose of this layout is to avoid the conflict between the eight trigrams. When the eight trigrams collide, the geomantic Aura will become very messy, It will also have a certain impact on the fortunes of residents

therefore, when carrying out interior decoration, it is best to carry out decoration and layout in all aspects according to the concept of five elements and eight trigrams, and strengthen indoor Feng Shui as much as possible, so as to prosper family fortune

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Feng Shui has an unlucky saying of "Mount Tai pressing the top". It is unlucky to have a beam pressing the top above the bed or chair, but it is more inappropriate to have a beam pressing the top on the stove, which is harmful to health. So in kitchen Feng Shui, what are the Feng Shui taboos in the kitchen

1. Do not carry the kitchen in the opposite direction

do not carry the kitchen in the opposite direction: the kitchen entrance is in the opposite direction to the sitting direction of the house. For example, if the house is sitting in the south to the north, while the kitchen entrance is sitting in the north to the south, it is unlucky

2. Kitchen stoves should not go straight through the door

avoid going straight through the door: in the traditional Chinese geomantic concept, kitchen stoves are considered to be a place where people cook food and feed their lives, so they should not be too exposed, especially the external air that is not suitable to be brought in by the door

3. Avoid kitchen door to stove

kitchen door to stove is not good: the kitchen stove should not be exposed. It is unlucky to see the stove outside the door, but it is also inappropriate to see the stove outside the kitchen door

4. Avoid being opposite to the toilet

avoid being opposite to the toilet: the stove is a place for cooking, so this place should pay attention to hygiene, otherwise diseases will enter from the mouth and damage your health, and the toilet contains a lot of dirt and bacteria, so this place should not be close to the toilet, especially the stove mouth should not be opposite to the toilet

5. Avoid being opposite to the door

avoid being opposite to the door: the kitchen stove is a place for making fire and cooking, which is very dry and hot, so it should not be opposite to the door, otherwise it will be detrimental to the people in the room

6. It is not suitable to be close to the bedroom

it is not suitable to be close to the bedroom: the stove is hot, and the oil smoke generated during frying is not suitable for the human body, so it is unlucky for the stove to face the main door, especially the bedroom

7. The kitchen should not be empty behind the kitchen

the kitchen should not be empty behind the kitchen: the kitchen should be against the wall behind the kitchen, and it should not be empty. If there is transparent glass behind the kitchen, it is not auspicious, because this is as the ancient book says: where the kitchen, avoid the window light, the main culprit

8. Don't install it on the water channel

don't install it on the water channel: the stove belongs to fire, and the water channel is a drainage thing. Water and fire are incompatible, so the two should not be close. If the stove powder is placed on the water channel, it's bad luck

9. Zaoji beam capping

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